Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail Recipe, a cocktail with a bite! Malibu, Cacao and Coffee,this combination will keep you warm in the inside on a cold Halloween night. Slither you way into trouble #Halloween #Halloweencocktail #Halloweencreepyfoods #cocktails
Hola Amigos! Some people don't get scared with skulls, bones, witches, zombies or scary stories told at midnight with only the flickering glow of a candle. The stuff that gives them nightmares and keeps them up at night are all around us any given day. I'm talking spiders, bugs of all kinds and snakes!
Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail Recipe, the deadliest and fastest snake in the world becomes a sweet cocktail in this intriguing combination of flavors! Perfect for #Halloween night to take a bite out of the cold! Poison has never been so sweet! #Halloweencocktail #halloweenfood #snakes #cocktail

This post is dedicated to all those with Ophidiophobia or abnormal fear of snakes and it came about because for the last couple of days I've been obsessed with creating a black cocktail for Halloween. How the two relate? just keep reading...if you dare...lol

Black Mambas are Africa's deadliest snakes, if bitten, without the proper antivenom the consequences are mostly lethal.
Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail Recipe, if you are terrified of snakes, this one you will love! A Sweet combination of Malibu, Coffee and Cacao...Poison has never been so sweet! #Halloween #halloweenpartydrinks #halloweenfood #cocktails #snakes

They are also the longest African snakes, up to 14 feet, yikes! Although having the reputation of being aggressive and hostile, it is actually shy and rather avoid confrontation. But with an increasing population and threats to their natural habitat, they find themselves in human territory and attacks happen. These are preceded by the snake's head and body raising, hissing and then fast and repeated bites injecting large amount of venom each time.

They are also the fastest in the world! developing speeds up to 12.5 miles per hour, imagine that thing chasing you..wow!
Finally contrary to popular believe, they get their name not from the color of their skin, which is usually olive brown or gray, but from the color inside their mouths, a blueish black, which they display when threatened.

My cocktail here is all that..well I'm not sure about being lethal, but it has a bite for sure! It's served in a long fluted glass, to show the beautiful plays of color in the body of our Mamba. It's prepared in no time and at the very top of the flute you can see the "black mouth" ready to strike it's sweet fangs on you!

As for the taste, well it has a bite as I said before, after all there is alcohol in it, it tastes like a dark chocolate spiked almond joy candy bar.

Thank you so much for coming to visit me today! I hope I didn't scare you too much with my snake tale! Sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs (or reptiles) bite, buahahahaha!


Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail
3/4  Cup Coconut Cream
1 oz Malibu
1/2 tsps Vanilla extract
1/2 tsps Almond extract
1/2 cup Chocolate Ice Cream Softened 
1 Cup Strong Coffee Cold
1 oz Creme de Cacao (Kahlua is fine if you don't have Creme de Cacao
Corn syrup
Silver Sugar
Shredded Coconut
Black Food Coloring
Champagne Flutes
I started by preparing my flutes adding a little bit of corn syrup, moving it around the bottom of the flute and then sprinkling the inside with silver color sugar. Put aside.
Add to a shaker coconut cream and Malibu, extracts  and ice. Shake well.Using a strainer, pour the mix on the prepared flutes. 
Using a clean shaker add soften chocolate ice cream, coffee, Creme de Cacao and a few drops of black food coloring. Shake well and pour the mix on the flutes containing the cream.
Top the cocktail with some black coconut flakes and enjoy.

Prep time 4 minutes                                                                          Serves 2

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