Decorating with Christmas Candy

This year we are having a Sweet Christmas theme around the house. From candy canes to chocolate, from tree ornaments to our china...we are trying to sprinkle a little of sugar plum fairy dust in our home this season from our friends and family to enjoy when they visit!
There are lots of great inspiration pictures and projects on Pinterest, for example this cute collection here. I took ideas from several of them and this is how my Sweet Christmas is starting to look like.

Peppermint Wrapped Candle

This was so easy to make and cheap too, I already had the pillar candle and was about to toss it since I thought it was just bulky and plain, good thing I had a change of heart. I headed to the nearest Dollar Tree Store and got myself a couple of boxes of Candy Canes and some Christmas Ribbon and Voila!!! A whole new look for this baby, for about $4.00, can't argue with that!!!

Candy Trees

O.K I'm busy (lazy,lol) 2 kids, 2 crazy kittens, my hubs and a house to take care of, so I really don't have too much free time to hot glue at least a hundred candies to cones, balls, or whatever you wish. I think they look adorable, but I just wish I had the time and patience. Here is my quick fix version of candy trees. Marshmallows acting as snow and the trees, well..candy trees from where else, the Dollar Tree (yeah I can't get out of that place)..Note: the tall trees are from last year, I saved them and just opened them this year.

Decorating with Christmas Candy, make a sweet pine tree forest and bring the scents, and tastes of Christmas home!

Melted Candy Trays

These trays are hot on Pinterest too, for example this cutie here!. Even though I don't bake, I figured or should I say, convinced myself, that this was just heating up candy on a cookie tray over parchment paper in the oven at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. Not too bad and fairly easy and super cheap, I only spent $2.00 for the 2 bags of candy from you guessed it, the D.T.

Since it turned out pretty close to perfect (well in my book perfection means not calling the F.D), I decided to try some cookie shape peppermints. I crushed the candies and let heated them up for the same amount of time. They don't look as pretty as the tray, but still they are kind of interesting and fun.

Decorating with Christmas Candy, Nothing says Christmas like the smell of sweet peppermint! make trays and cookies out of these pretty candy in just a couple of minutes

Hope you like my projects today they were fun to make and so far Pinterest has proven  to bea good source of inspirations with easy, quick and cheap ways to decorate for the holiday!

Decorating with Christmas Candy, the sweetest and easiest way to bring some Christmas cheer into your home!


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  1. You have the neatest things here.... :)

    1. Jeannie you are so sweet! Thank you so much my dear!

  2. Wow was just looking love it Lizy you have a gift, I'm lucky to have you as my friend! you can post links on stir pot any time you want! I love the stuff you have here!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. George you are a wonderful friend! Thanks for your words of encouragement and for supporting my dreams!

  3. hey I been posting your link on my google page too!

    1. Thank You so much for your support George!!! I really appreciate it and I'm so glad to have friends like you in my life! Blessings and Thank You again!

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    1. Thank You Kimber! Thanks for visiting! :0)

  5. 'So clever!! I, too, love the D.T.! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank You Marci! and thanks for your visit! btw...I love your zip pouches!

  6. The peppermint trays are SO cool and make such a beautiful presentation. I'm impressed that you tried different shapes too! Thanks so much for linking up to the party today!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I love to Party at your blog! Happy Holidays

  7. G'day and love the things you do, TRUE!
    I have made the peppermint trays before and they come out GREAT too!
    If you want to play with DIY Fluted bowls, here's the link from my blog should you wish to view!
    Cheers! Joanne
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