New Mexico Chile con Carne Recipe

New Mexico Chili con Carne Recipe, Football gathering, Tailgating party or just comfort food, this chili con carne is the go to meal throughout the Fall Winter Season! Delicious with that authentic New Mexican flavor!

I am not to happy with the translation of this Spanish saying into English but that is all I was able come up with  when I looked it up! A literal translation would be Full tummy, happy heart, but still that is not the real meaning of the phrase.  For us it means that when your tummy is full with  delicious things, made with LoVe your heart is happy too...as you can see it has noting to do with being Fat or Full, LOL love is what fills you up and brings happiness to your heart and mind

Anyway, as the days get colder we need something to bring  warmth to our bodies with ingredients easy to grab, put together and with a big impact in our taste buds! Comfort food...Not much fuss to prepare it, but oh...so good to eat!

What does "Comfort Food" means to you? Is it the earthy ingredients like onions and garlic?..when cooked together the aroma is out of this world!

Is it the extra something something....like cheese and cream? They give food that kick of richness that melts in our mouth...

Or is it that particular recipe that transport you back to your mom's kitchen? Back in the days that someone else was doing the cooking, running around, dishes and cleaning? LOL...Those were the good ol' days for sure!

New Mexico Chili con Carne Recipe, the comnfort food of choice when the weather is getting colder, for tailgating parties, at home football gatherings In one word, this is a  Fall Winter staple!

Whatever it is for you, I believe my New Mexico recipe for Chile con Carne does just that...Just a few ingredients, some earthy, some rich, a kitchen full of good food aromas and  this time done in only 30 minutes and hopefully little cleaning after everybody is satisfied!

New Mexico Chile con Carne

1 lb.ground beef
1 clove garlic, minced
1 15-oz can pinto beans with chile seasoning
1 envelope dry onion soup 
1 cup tomato sauce
1/4 tsp oregano

Brown meat and garlic. Add remaining ingredients. Simmer for 30 minutes.Stir frequently.
You could serve this with tortilla chips, warm flour tortillas or rice.
Cheese and Sour Cream are optional

 Hope you enjoy this fast recipe for your cold fall and winter evenings! I can assure you, it will hit the spot!!! Remember every thing tastes better with a pinch of LoVe.



  1. Wow - this Chili con Carne looks amazing! We love Mexican/Spanish food and have some at least once or twice a week. It's so affordable too compared to other ethnic dishes. You would love our sister's food blog. She makes tons of El Salvadorean recipes and takes lots of pictures. We hope to do more recipe blogs soon at our family blog.

    1. Funny you mentioned the Salvadorean cuisine. I recently reconnected with an old friend and Thesis partner, and he is from El Salvador and we were discussing about Pupusas and hot chocolate, a typical Salvadorean food! I will check her blog for sure! Thank you for stopping by guys!

  2. G'day Lizbeth! Love your chili and your bowl today too!
    I am So craving a taste of your chili, true!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Food Friends Friday Chili Party