DIY Christmas Yule Log" Calendar

If you have ever seen the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you probably have an idea of Christmas time at my house. Maybe not all of it (we don't kidnap people in pajamas) but the rest of it, it's pretty much accurate! In particular, The Lights! The Outside is my husband's realm, while I do anything I want inside the house.Sounds like a deal to me, since I don't like to be out in the cold shivering and trying to stay warm.
 Way back in the summer I picked this tree trunk and I've used it to decorate around the house as you can see here.

This Winter Season, our log is going back to the outdoors..at least to our little porch, which will have the only touch of my creativity that I'm allowed to display. And I'm doing this now that is bearable weather wise!
I've created a Calendar of the days left 'till  Christmas. I'm sure I will be asked that question a million times, so what better way for the little one to keep track of them than with a treat calendar that he will get to open on everyday 'till Christmas when he comes back home from pre-school!

Yule Log Days 'till Christmas Calendar

24 little snack cups (mine from The Dollar Tree)
24 little drum tree decorations (mine from the Dollar Tree)
Number stickers of your choice (mine from the Dollar Tree)
Coin Chocolates (mine from the Dollar Tree)
Glitter, your chice of color
Hot Glue, White Glue, craft paper or wrapping paper

First I worked on my cups. I covered them (with my assistant) in white glue, sprinkled some glitter and let them dry.

Then I worked on the lids...I traced I rough circle using the inside of the lid, cut it and trimmed the excess. Once it was centered enough, I glued it using white glue to the top of the lid. Use one little drum per lid and hot glue it to the lid.I pressed it  firmly and lastly  placed the sticker on the face of the drum corresponding to the day.

I repeated the procedure 23 more times , put the treat inside each cup and hot glued them all to the log and Voila!!! Our Yule Log, Buche Noel or Tronco de Navidad was ready!

With a Few Christmas lights, and a friendly Owl left over from Halloween I think it looks quite at home!

 Each Little Snack Box is filled with a Sweet Treat and the best thing is that there was no baking involved!

So why don't you head to the outdoors this Season and use Mother Nature's Treasures in your decorating! It's easy, Free and you can use it over and over again in multiple ways.


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  1. Such a cute idea Lizy, what fun to have a Yule log full of treats! Your glitter boxes are really cue too! We watch Christmas Vacation EVERY Christmas, and often call ourselves the Griswolds! Merry Holidays,

  2. Thank You Jenna, I'm glad we are not the only one following "The Griswold's" Traditional Holiday Madness every year! Thanks for visiting! Feliz Navidad to yours too!