Yarn Wrapped Jingle all the Way Christmas Candles

I still recall my huge surprise when I found out that there were some American Soap Operas that have been on air for more than 70 years (Guiding Light was on air for 72)!!!! Yikes...that is a lot of hours sitting in front of your TV. Where I'm from, our "Novelas" last from a month or two or  up to a year, and that is also a long time!

So the question is...what do you do in those intense 60 minutes of drama? Do you concentrate 100% on the passionate twists and turns of the main characters? Do you do a little cleaning hitting rewind or pause button on your DVR, not to miss a minute of affairs gone wrong?  Do you get a little crafty?

With the Holidays only a few weeks away, I chose crafting to get ahead of the game (remote control nearby of course) and do something so simple that I could do with my eyes closed or in this case, my eyes on "Mario" (sighs)

Back to my craft  "Yarn Wrapped Jingle all the Way Christmas Candles"....this is simple and cheap yet in my opinion, quite cute project! You will need only a few supplies and perhaps you already have at least half of all the materials at hand and I can guarantee you, you wont miss one conniving plot while making these little ones!

Yarn Wrapped Jingle All The Way Candles
(2) Dollar Tree Candles or any tall candle you have handy
Yarn, the color of your choice
Jingles, mine are from the Dollar Tree 
Hot Glue Gun

Place a drop of Hot Glue at the bottom of your candle, that will be your starting point.
From there, let the yarn wrapping begin all around the candle up to about 1/4 of the length of the candle. Cut the yarn and place another dot of glue to keep it from coming apart.Repeat the process this time with your jute, Wrap as high as you want and cut when you decide. Start again with your yarn leaving 1/4 of the candle free of yarn so you can see the glow of the flame through the clear glass.

Once you are done doing this, cut a piece of jute long enough to make a bow. At the end of each side of the bow, attach a jingle using the hoop on it. And you are done!

There you go the first craft of the season and you did it while watching your favorite soap, who says we can't multitask while we relax or...Plot??? hmmmm....


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