Sin Comentarios-Caption This!

Admit it...we all have done it already. Even if you don't want to...eventually you do it! It irritates you sometimes when you see people doing  it or when you see what they have done, but sometimes "it" is so outrageous that you just have to laugh...

I'm talking about "Zongos"...I know , I know...it's not a real word, but that's how I use to call it back in the day when I was still  considered  cute and went shopping with my mamma!...so after all these years, we still call it zongo in my family!...what is a  zongo? Misplaced items in the grocery store, pharmacy, Kmart you name it!

The actual cause of the zongo it's uncertain,..it could be lack of time to go back to the isle where the item originally belonged, a crying baby or cranky toddler pulling your pants begging you to leave, your lazy teen saying and doing.."whateverrrrr..." or a quick second thought that hits you right in the cat food isle compelling you to leave behind the Mayo right on top of the Meow Chow! Nobody knows for sure why it happens, it just does!

A few days ago, I was at the grocery store and decided to snap a few pictures of zongos  and by the way, half freaked out with paranoia of being caught in the act. *Note to self: Next time borrow one of those fancy phones to take the pics, not your bright baby blue point and shoot cam! Anyway...this is what I saw...

Then I thought...I will check my own pantry to see what could I find if anything...no zongos in my house, right?...Wrong!!! a Major zongo!
And of course the Wal-Zyr was empty and the cookie stale, yuck!

So my friends...are you innocent of committing a zongo? do you do it often? What motivates you to zongo?...as a matter of fact...if you want...send me a picture of your home zongo or a good zongo from your next grocery store trip, and remember..take your phone cam so if you get caught, you could say you were posting on instagram or updating your fb status!

Happy Zongoing!

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  1. I did it only a couple of times in my life when one of my babies was freaking out, and I just had it with the whole shopping trip. But most of the time, I try to put stuff back if I don't want it:)

  2. I can't remember this happening to me but who knows maybe it has happened when I am in a rush!:)