Adios Cupido=Shoot That Poison Arrow Away!

Attention...Dear Amigos...you are about to enter the "Controversial Zone" If you think you can handle breaking away with tradition and all that it involves, if you are ready to wave your flag in the air, paint your face in war colors and in the best Bravehart  behavior yell Freedom, You are in the Right Place, Carry On and Keep Reading!

In my few weeks on Blog world I have realized things move super fast , one holiday is barely over when people are already planning and decorating for the next. Perhaps I need to drink more coffee and catch on if I want to be among the best. If that is the case the I'm way ahead of the pack with this post. At the same tine, very appropriately it might as well be my proverbial Kiss of Death!

Valentine's Day is 49 days away, and in  my family we  really don't celebrate it. I don't drive me husband crazy with hints of what would be nice to get that day, we, don't exchange cards, buy expensive chocolate, fight crowds for restaurant tables, pay exorbitant amount of money for flowers that on regular basis are $9.99 at the grocery store, neither or I go all out with decorating. I'm not going to lie. I like the colors, the cute decorations around that time of the year and see how pretty some houses get dressed up to celebrate Love Day! But I've never gone out of my way to do any of those things...am I the exception to the rule? Perhaps. But I'm O.K with that.

Is not that I'm The Grinch of Valentine's Day. Is just that I totally dislike the way such a nice event has been transformed into a Hallmark Holiday. No meaning, no real feeling for most just, buy and get kind of thing

For a couple of years now I've tried to give my own meaning to the celebration of Love and what better way than to sharing and giving the gift of Life. February 14th is National Donor Day! That day people are encouraged to sign up for organ a tissue donation, as well as blood, marrow and blood stem cells.There are hundreds of thousands of Americans, adult and children in vital need of organs and every 2 seconds someone in America needs blood.

Me and my older son make appointments to go together to our local Red Close donor center and give blood. He was able to do it last year with me since he was at age to do it. To me in particular is always a painful challenge since my veins collapse almost at the same time they are putting the needle in and the sweet nurse has to try again, and again. At the end is all worth it ! I feel happy that I have made a significant contribution to my fellow brothers and sisters.

Again, I have nothing against all people out there who chooses to give and receive flowers, cards, some bling and yes Chocolate...after all at this blog we Support 100% all things chocolate. We as a family decided to make Valentines a Day of Giving since everyday we are blessed gifts of  Love and Health by The One Above.

Does it means that I won't decorate for Valentine's at all....no, but I won't be rushing at it. I will make crafts with my little one, and hang a little heart here and there, but other than that Cupid can go fly and aim his arrows somewhere else, I will be getting my little pinch of love from the Red Cross!


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Sincerely, Paula


  1. We celebrate a teeny bit here in my house. Sometimes we'll just trade cards, and I always hope for some candy, but usually don't get any lol. It's better off that way.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))

    1. Hi Paula. Believe me after giving all that blood we are ready for some candy and steak!We've earned it, so we have some, besides when you have little ones there are lots of crafts involved! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi, Lizy! I have not commented on your blog before, but I wanted to now that I read your post about Valentine's Day. I agree that it has become overrated just to sell candy, cards and more gifts. My husband and I have been married for almost 35 yrs and we usually just go to dinner since his birthday is the week before Valentines and that's what we celebrate instead. I think your idea of giving blood is a much better one.
    Love your blog - been following you since December and I need to subscribe! Happy New Year!

  3. ValenzMom Thank You so much for your sweet words. It's still such a big surprise and a moving experience when I hear someone saying they love my blog and they want to subscribe!!! Oh My no words to describe it other than giving you many thanks for your support! I think the idea of celebrating your husband's birthday on Valentine's is wonderful, my husband's birthday is also in February before Valentines, perhaps I should follow your lead! Congratulations on your 35 years of marriage! Such an example of love! Again thank you so much for reading my post! I hope never to disappoint you! If you have a blog please let me know so I could return some Bloggy Love!

  4. Lizy, I don't have a blog yet but I hope to start one soon. I just need to get a digital camera! That's my #1 goal this year. I only discovered "blogland" in 2012 and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I have been sewing, crafting, decorating, baking and cooking for what seems like my whole life since I learned first from my grandmother, then from my mother-in law.

    By the way, please call me Helen. My name is Helen Valenzuela and I live in Texas. My husband, Ricardo, and I have 2 grown children, Marco and Andrea. Both are married, but only Andrea has 3 children, 2 boys and a baby girl. Marco and Sarah are not quite ready yet :). Talk to you soon!