Flan Casero=Homemade Custard

This particular dessert brings memories from back home, it's a must have on every restaurant menu, from the  5 star Valet Parking and 5 month ahead RSVP  to the little "Fonda" on a cobble stone street in the country side. Posh Cafes, Student Cafeterias, Bakeries! The Flan or Custard is Everywhere!!!!

But the good ones, the ones that will keep you coming back are the ones made from scratch, cooking slowly on a Bain-Marie and with tons, tons of sweet caramel on top!

This is my attempt to this delicious dessert! And I say attempt because baking sweet of Any Kind has never been my strength. I can make a 5 gourmet meal out of a can of Spam but I can't bake a cupcake for the life of me!!! Don't ask why, I don't know myself! To the point that in the rare occasions that I decide to get near the oven with a sweet concoction my boys ask "Mom/Wife...what's going on? are you O.K? or hubs rushes to the nearest calendar to make sure he didn't miss any "important date"  He even got to the point of gifting me with an antique "Fire Extinguisher Sign" strategically placed right above my stove...just in case, he said! Nice Dear...Nice! (No dessert for you Mr, lol)

Homemade Custard

1 can Evaporated Milk
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 TBSP Sugar 
6 Whole Eggs
1 TBSP Vanilla Extract
1 1/2 cup of Sugar (for the Caramel)

In a Bowl put your Evaporated Milk, Condensed Milk, 3 TBSP of Sugar, Vanilla Extract  and 6 whole eggs. Mix on medium speed until everything is mixed together. Set aside.

(yes I had a little helper)

On the stove, medium heat and stirring constantly, heat the 1 1/2 cups of sugar until it turns to a golden light brown caramel.

Note of Caution here: If you are squeamish, please skip the next picture! Be Very Careful with Hot Melted Sugar! It is extremely hot, I would say hotter than melted wax or even boiling water, or at least if feels that way! Only one drop, One Drop and it gave me a pea size blister! I know, I know...Drama Queen...but really amigos, It Hurts like crazy...so exercise caution when handling this!

Once you've got caramel, cover the bottom and sides of your baking bowl (either metal or not) and let it cool for at least 30 minutes. Pour the Milk and Eggs mix on your caramel covered baking bowl, and place this inside a bigger bowl and add water all the way up to 2 fingers from the top edge of your baking bowl containing your custard mix. this is your Bain-Marie. 

Place it it the oven for 45mins to 1 hour until when you stick a knife in the middle it comes out clean. 

 Once out, let it cool for 1 hour and then refrigerate it for at least 4 before serving. Remember it needs to be very cold before turning it upside down on your serving plate otherwise it will fall apart!

It seems like a lot of work, but the ending result is all worth it! You could of course buy the stuff that comes in the box if you don't have the time, and that's perfectly all right, But, I can assure you, once you have this homemade treat, you won't look at the boxed one the same way!

Hope you enjoy my little piece of hometown here and give it a try! You will be Hooked, as we are! And remember, everything tastes better with a Pinch of Love.



  1. Hey Lizy,
    I think you do a great job on your blog....always interesting to read.....pretty crafts as well...keep up the good work...:)

    1. Thank You Jeannie, as usual you are a sweetheart! I'll try my best not to disappoint you and all the other kind readers!

  2. This post makes me wonder why I never make custard when it comes out looking as delicious as your photos! Thank you so much for sharing at the holiday heirloom recipe party today!

    1. Thank You Kelli! I'm always following you on FB! Awesome party you have! And yes this is my mom's recipe! Mine was good but never as good as hers! :0)

  3. I love Flan, always my favorite part of the meal in a Mexican restaurant!! It looks delicious Lizy...I hope your finger is better :)