Whimsical Christmas Kitchen

My kitchen for this Christmas looks a lot like a Candy Shop and I'm Loving It! Candy everywhere and 0 calories! You can't help but smile at this extra perk!

Lately our Late Fall-Winter days have been cold, wet but no snow, kind of odd for this time of the year and this part of the country, but I'm not complaining. I'm not looking forward to the melodious sounds of a dozen snow blowers going all at once around the neighborhood or the mess snowy boots leave on my floors!

 But taking pictures worth posting, has been challenging not to say near impossible! My kitchen has only one window and our lighting needs improving. Needless to say, I apologize for the quality of these set of pictures in advance!

 Here in a little corner of my counter, Mr. and Mrs Claus found a cozy spot to overlook the preparations, next to my peppermint tray and an old scale! They are so sweet!

At the other end of the counter we find the jolly couple again, this time inviting the guests to have a delicious cup of hot cocoa, a tasty lollipop or a taste of sweet mint tea! Oh, Mr. and Mrs Claus are the perfect Host and Hostess for every occasion. 

She has such a sweet expression.

He looks so handsome with his Chef Hat

 Now, not because something is little you don't make it look pretty and festive right? So our window gets a festive touch with these  Candy Trees.

At our home even the doors to the pantry get a special treatment! Gingerbread and Bows and a Ticket to see Dear Santa! That's what I call a treat!

And speaking of treats,,,did you notice that Gingerbread and Candy Centerpiece on the kitchen island? Delicioso! and No calories!!!!

With this sweet note I bring the tour of our Holiday Kitchen to and end. Hope your kitchen is full of laughter, happiness and love and the sweet aroma of Christmas cooking!


I will be joining these Fabulous Parties:


  1. so pretty!!
    Loving this...and your blog is looking mighty fine!

    1. Janel!!! Thank You! So happy you took some time and came to visit! Happy Christmas!

  2. Hi Lizy,
    What a cute post! I love that teapot and your Christmas couples are adorable. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea.