Mamma I'm Bored=Let's Check The Trash Can Dear

Hola Amigos! This is the last stretch to Christmas and with all the decorating behind, it was time to shop for last minute presents and yes...the dreaded wrapping of very awkward looking boxes!...I know right, why can't every single item come in a nice square box!!! Oh no...that would be the ideal "Lizy World" that we don't live in. While tangled in wrapping paper and tape I've had very little time to come here and chat with you all! But today, I heard the words that always stop me in my tracks...Mom...I'm bored!!!! OH NO!!! time to panic...because you know when they are bored..something gets trashed, smashed or broken....well at least in my house.

It has been a very dark and rainy day here, and I wasn't looking forward to go out and drive in the rain dragging a 4 yo along, so what a mom to do...Let's check the trash dear, the recyclables that is!

So, out of the recyclables came a little bottle of Martinelli's Blood Orange Drink, an empty container of yogurt, an empty roll of toilet paper, and empty container of Peanut Butter, the rest of the materials, like buttons, pipe cleaners, yarn and cardboard paper I had handy.

First you clean all your containers, cut a circle with big enough to be the wing of the hat. This part of the process you have to help your little one, unless they are good enough already at cutting. cut another hole inside big enough to fit the mouth of the yogurt container. Set aside.

With a little bit of acrylic paint paint the yogurt container and hat wing (circle) black. Let it dry. In the meantime while your hat is drying. You take your Matinelli's drink container, wash, dry and peel the plastic wrap with the name of the beverage. You would be left with a clear plastic chubby bottle. Coat it with white paint...you could leave it like that, but if you want you could glittered it a little bit to make it look a bit more Frosty. I used Martha Stewart Glitter paint in Antique Silver. Let it dry. Do the same with the Peanut Butter container.

Back to your hat. time to put together the yogurt container inside the circle you had previously cut out on the cardboard. It should fit tight in the cardboard circle. Decorate your hat as you please. We wrapped a little bit of yarn around the base where the body of the hat meets the wing and glued a few decorations (sorry, no time to take pics when you are working with a preschooler). In the inside of the hat we place half of the toilet paper roll so the hat doesn't cover the face of our snowman.

Your containers should be dry by now or maybe watch an episode of Imagination Movers...that would make time go faster! Once your containers are dry, time to decorate..buttons for eyes...pipe cleaners for nose and mouth.  Same thing for the body or whatever little things you have at hand to make our buddy here look presentable for the festivities.
Glue the head to the lid of your PB jar. We covered the "neck" of our snowman with a little piece of felt that we had around and it became the snowman's scarf and he is ready! don't try to make it perfect, after all you have your kids working with you and the idea is to have fun and spend quality time together not M.Stewart award perfect!

My little one who at this time likes everything shinny wanted to stuff the snowman with glow sticks...and he did! and I think he looks kind of cute! Good idea Buddy! It could be your child's little Xmas treasure box, you can store crackers, Qtips or whatever you want! It's something to keep them entertained and have fun!
And now than an hour has gone by, what are we going to do next? Oh Oh....


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