Sin Comentarios=Caption This One

Hola Amigos: I seriously don't get it with the weather lately! One minute is snowing, the next all the snow melts in less than 6 hours and now pouring rain! Noticed something...No Sun! I'm gloominess sick today, so looking back at my picture gallery I found this picture taking only  a few months ago and thought..well she's got the look and spirit I want to be in!

Let this cute fellow inspire you today into feeling even more fabulous than you already are! Have a wonderful  Tuesday... be the judge and Caption This One!


Last week we had some hilarious captions to Tango's display of Valentine's affection. Here are some funny ones in no particular order:
"Hmmm.... I wonder if this will make up for giving her fleas?" by Leisa
"Maybe now she won't notice the mess in the next room. (that was not me lol)" by +ARod Rodriguez
"I gotta eat this quick before anyone sees me!" by +Paula Miller
"Shhhh! What happened to you is our little secret!" by J

Tango wants to Thank all" Caption This One" friends for stopping by!...we can't wait to see what you guys come up this week!


  1. I like the caption on there "I look good." :)

    Our weather's crazy here too...it was SNOW day yesterday for the kids (no school) and today it's already up to fifty degrees and it's not even noon.

  2. Hi Rosey...I wonder if we are trapped in the same timezone, lol...South Mi here, and it's bunkers weather wise...I just want some sun!!! Thanks for stopping by love, always good to see you here!

  3. Our weather is a little strange here too in NE. It's been in the 30s for the past few days but a couple days ago it was in the 50s and last week it snowed.
    Found you on the Monday Mingle. Visit me and follow back! :)

    1. Thank You for visiting Risa! I checked out your blog and it's lovely! following!

  4. Hi Liz!! Here's a hug to cheer you up! My minds going in a bad direction when it comes to captioning this photo, but here goes ~ "I really have to poop, but those people are looking at me!" Yeah I'm weird lol.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Paula!!!! You cracked us up!!!! This is the funniest thing I've ever heard! My little one can't stop laughing! Thank You so much girl! You made my day!

  5. Welcome to Wordless Wed at Create With Joy! I love your photos and captions, but I'm a little too brain dead at this time of evening to add anything new in the caption category!

    However, my eyes went right to your other chocoalte and recipe posts! May I say, come join us for Inspire Me Monday as well?

    Have a fabulous week as you continue to

    Create With Joy

    1. Oh Thank You so Much! I will stop by Monday for sure! Thanks for the invite and for visiting my blog!

  6. Hi Liz,
    I hope the weather will get better. The caption for the picture is "I am cool and cute!"

  7. No Refunds!!! A Llama is for life! Not just for Christmas!

    Fab shot! Thanks for linking up! x

  8. my caption "Isn't this my best side??" lol this is such fun thanks so much for sharing it at FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY