Lunes de Chocolate=Chocolate Mondays

Hola Amigos! Wishing you all a week full of Love, Hope and Friendship! Giving is the key to a happy heart and life. Let's start our workweek on a sweet note today.
For the first time I experimented with candy meltaways to make little  molds for my desserts, see...starting Wednesday I'm giving up chocolate...well at least for 40 days! Uff...that Easter Bunny better get here loaded with goodies! Anyway, I can't afford to have temptations all over the house so I need to make bite-size desserts that are gone pretty much the same day I make them.

They worked great! Love them. Painted the inside of some foil cupcakes and the perfect basket was created! To fill the basket I made a Natilla de Durazno, Peach Rustic Custard, and topped it with just your store bought white chocolate pudding that I had handy! (I have to get rid of all traces of chocolate by tomorrow!!!)
You guys know how to make the baskets and the pudding, the recipe for the Natilla, as follows:

Natilla de Durazno=Peach Rustic Custard

1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk or Regular Milk
1 egg yolk
10 oz Sliced Peaches (processed in a blender)
1/2 Cup Syrup of the Peaches (or water for less calories)
1 TBSP butter 
2 TBS Cornstarch 
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 
Pinch of Salt

In a heavy pot put the milk, syrup, vanilla extract and cornstarch dissolved in the extra 2 tablespoons syrup or water to cook on medium heat until thickened. Like 10 minutes. If it's too thick for your taste feel free to add more milk. Add the butter and tempered egg yolk, pinch of salt cook another 3 minutes. Finally add the processed peaches* (*The peaches are put in a blender with only a couple 'blend' hits, you don't want them pureed or liquefied, but rather turned into tiny chunks for the Rustic texture).

After everything is mixed set aside until completely cool before filling up your chocolate cups. Once is cold, pour into about 3/4's of your chocolate cups. I made 6. Top them with a couple of spoonfuls of the white chocolate pudding, place in the refrigerator and let it chill for 1 hour.


If you have a couple of peaches left, decorate the cups with a slice or 2!

Whip cream is another sweet good alternative to finish them up.

They are good just like that, out of the refrigerator with a little milk chocolate shavings.

And if you wonder how the inside looks...well here it is...you get a bite of chocolate and peach custard all at once! Yumm...

Thank You for visiting my friends, remember everything tastes better with a Pinch of Love.

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  3. These look delicious!! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Enjoyed hearing from you tonight! Thanks for following me... Following you back ;) Have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. These look amazing just dripping and oozing with peach and they are kinda healthy... well lower calorie anyway.

  5. I am in love!! Thank you so much for sharing this at Foodie Friends Friday. Can't wait to see what you bring next week.

    1. Thank You so much Angie! How nice of you to stop by and visit!

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    1. Thank you so much Angie...Awesome!!!!! Appreciate it deeply!

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  12. Yummy in my tummy! Stopping by from Wednesday Whatsits.

  13. OMG...these look so good, and I can actually eat them because they do not contain dairy :)

  14. Looks great! I love that it uses soy milk.
    Karen @ annumography

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