Sin Comentarios=Caption This

Sometimes life is all about being and Eternal Optimist. There are so many saying about it.."When Life gives you Lemons, learn to make Lemonade...among others...but what happens when you get distracted while doing other mundane things, forget about your heart...and you get a broken one? Well...you make a post about it!

Hola amigos and welcome to the sing a long issue of Caption This!...See, I was going to post a delicious dessert today  with Valentines in a few days and all...I needed some candy hearts to decorate the dessert. I know how to make them, I know how delicate they are, I know that timing is everything...but one thing led to another...a floor to mop, an email to check, a new Handy Many to restart...and that's when it happened! The candies were overcooked and got ruined...to the point to when I try to take them out of the mold...they were breaking like sugar cubes!

I thought of tossing them and start all over...but I didn't have time. Then it came to me...the song...
"Where Do broken hearts go...
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms 
Of a love that's waiting there....
                                Whitney Huston, Where do Broken Hearts Go

It's just what this little broken guy looks to be telling the rest of the not so messed up ones in the little dish...

So on this Valentine's edition of Caption This...instead of Captioning the picture...just write a song that has to do with lost hearts, broken hearts, hearts of any kind!...They are all welcome!
I'll let you be the judge one more time....Sing Along Now...


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  1. Oh gosh I'm no good at writing love songs Liz!!!
    If I come up with anything I'll be sure to return!
    Now you have me thinking...

    1. C'mon Paula, you are a child of the 80's...when songs were really written..lol...I'll help you out..."Heart"beat (one word of course) Don Johnson!!! Hahahaha I think that was his one hit wonder..just like Miami Vice! Hugs girl!

  2. I think your broken hearts were meant to be! Who of us hasn't had a broken heart at one time or another? I like your optimism!

  3. One of the things I like about creating in the Kitchen is that you never know what will happen! These are great!

    Thank you for linking up to the In and Out of the Kitchen party! I can't wait to see what you bring next week!

    Cynthia at http://FeedingBig.com

    1. Thank you Cynthia...you are right You either have a hit or a miss, part of life, lol...at least no calls to the Fire Dept so Far! Thanks for stopping by my friend!
      Hugs, Lizy

  4. Stopping by from Wordless Wed. at Create with Joy! I can't think of my own love song at the moment, because all I keep thinking is other songs about broken hearts in my head (now that you got us started with Whitney Houston :D). How about the song " What becomes of the Broken Hearted", or Anne Murray singing.."No I don't think Time is gonna heal this broken heart". Or there is the Blondie song "Heart of Glass".

    Sorry your hearts got overdone. I have had some kitchen mishaps myself before, so I know the frustration!

    1. I know Rebekah! My mom always taught me never to take my eyes of the stove when I was cooking...well I guess she was right! as always!!! LOL
      Thanks for singing along with me..I thought also of Heart of Glass by Blondie...they sure were breaking like Glass alright!

  5. Your hearts look very sweet indeed! I'm not any kind of a lyricist, but I do think the broken ones will be just as delicious as the unbroken ones...

    1. Thank You Isabella! And thank You so much for taking some time to comment on the little broken hearts!