1, 2, 3....Vamonos

Hello World and Happy Halloween!!! I wanted to make my first post a memorable one and start my journey into Blog land on a very significant day to me...Halloween!!!

See, where I'm from right around this day we observe "El Dia de Los Muertos". It is not a joyful day like in this part of the world, is very solemn, no parties, no candy, no costumes...just a day to remember those who were once very important to us but now are gone yet still,  live in our hearts.

So when I got to a place when on the same date all these fun things were happening around me, I just went crazy! Like a kid in a candy store I wanted it all!!! The witches, the vampires, the pumpkins the candy. I was in paradise. And I've been hooked ever since. Granted my budget limits my imagination, I try to make the most of my resources and decorate my home with the things I enjoy the most!

Everything goes when it comes to my decor, witches, bats, skulls...as long as it flows it works for me! and every year I try to deliver something different...even if it's just moving one thing form the usual place!

So folks, that is the story of  how I became fascinated with Halloween and how much I love all the magic  of the month of October ! Oh Yes...my house is ready for all goblins, witches and warlocks since the first day of the month...so we can enjoy it for 31 wonderful days! I hope you all have a great Halloween Night and stick with me on this new broom ride wherever it will take me! Good Night and Happy Hauntings.