Pepper Boats and Dips
Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs Recipe
Yuca Frita-Yuca Fries

Mini Easy "Everything" Quiche

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich on Pita
Black and Blue Burgers with Pimento Dressing
Hawaiian Burgers with Aloha Sauce
Salmon and Shrimp Burgers
Pizza Burgers with Garlic Butter Ciabbatta
Apple and Sage Pork Burgers with Green Apple Slaw
Chicken and Egg Bagel Burgers
Salade Russe-Beet Salad Panamanian Style
Loaded Chicken Baked Potato Salad
Southwest Steak Salad with Southwest Dressing
Chicken Pecan and Pear Salad with Yogurt Dressing
Broccoli Salad with Baked Vidalia Onion Dressing
Island Paradise Scallop Coconut Soup

Main Dishes
New Mexico Chille con Carne
Plantain & Beef Lasagna
iCarly Spaghetti Tacos
Baby Bella Mushroom Meatballs in Merlot Sauce
BBQ Chuck Roast
Easy Ravioli Lasgna
Pasta Alfredo with Chicken
Lemon Chicken
Garlic and Citrus Chicken Thighs
Drunken Chicken
Chicken a la King
Alfredo and Pesto Chicken Bruschetta
Picadillo with Ground Turkey Mexican Style
Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp
Tropical Fruit and Glazed Salmon
Pasta with Creamy Crab Sauce
Tilapia Filets with Coconut Milk
Egg Shrimp Foo Young
Clam and Crab Creamy and Cheesy Mac and Cheese
Salmon Al Cartoccio
Kielbasa on Beer and Fresh Apple Sauce
Rice with Chorizo and Pork Panamanian Style
Slow Cooker Chipotle Pulled Pork
SPAM Loco Moco

With Chocolate
Christmas Brownies
Natural Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Dipped French Toast
Candy Hearts Chocolate Cupcakes
Strawberry and Chocolate Sloppy Pie
Easy Chocolate Tres Leches
Peach Rustic Custard- Natilla de Durazno
Neapolitan Romance Dessert
Black Forrest Bars
Green M&M's Coconut Squares
Middle Eastern Spiced Treat
Spring Surprise Dirt Cups
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
Death by Chocolate with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
S'mores Dessert Pizza
Oreo & Cookie Dough Brownies
Without Chocolate
Flan Casero-Homemade Custard
Very Berry Kool-aid Cheesecake
Rainbow Panna Cotta
Berry Mango Spring Crisp
Sweet Tortilla Cups Desserts
Lemon Blackberry Bundt
Jello-O Poke Cake
Mandarin Orange Tropical Cupcakes
Depression Coconut Cake
Apple Pie Dessert Pizza
Peach Crisp Pizza
Homemade Slow Melt Orange Cream Popsicles
Butterscotch Banana Harvest Cake with Maple Apple Butter Sauce

Smoothies, Milkshakes and Drinks
Apple Pie Smoothie
Mango Cheesecake Smoothie
Banana Colada Smoothie
Raspberry Coffee Smoothie
Triple Purple Berry Smoothie
Peach Raspberry Smoothie
Cherry Cola Smoothie
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Smoothie
Funfetti Cake Smoothie
Choco Banana Shake
Lemon Meringue Pie Shake
Classic Strawberry Malt
Classic Chocolate Malt
Classic Vanilla Malt
Devil's Food Cake Shake* (contains Coffee Liquor)
Bananas Foster Milkshake* (Contains Rum)
Strawberry Slush
Liquid Lime Lifesaver Cocktail* (Contains Champagne)
Very Berry Hibiscus Cooler
Fruity Frozen Sangria * (contains wine)
Blueberry Soda Float

Halloween Recipes
Maple and Toffee Autumn Muddy Buddies
Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies
Rat's Nest Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Spider Eggs Halloween  Plantain and Cheese Fritters
Lizard Tongues Halloween Stuffed Sweet Peppers
Main Dish
My Hand Will Go on Halloween Meatloaf
Woodland Ogre Halloween Beef and Pasta Stoup
Monster Mash Halloween Saute Purple Potatoes
Beverages, Smoothies, Shakes and Cocktails
Bat's Blood Elixir Halloween Smoothie
Graveyard Mud Halloween Brownie Milkshake
Widower Maker Halloween Green Smoothie
Spiked Monster Halloween Cocktail* (Contains Kahlua & Vodka)
Spiked Black Mamba Halloween Cocktail* (Contains Malibu)
Eye Of Newt Halloween Bundt Cake
Toe of Frog Halloween Lemon Cupcake
Death by Candy Corn Halloween Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Brownies
Pot of Bones Halloween Chocolate Covered Cherries Bundt Cakes
Ghost Busters Halloween Brownies

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