I have to admit I'm not very crafty. In fact I'm known around the house as the queen of tape! I haven't met an object that could not be fixed with tape or tape's gray cousin (now in beautiful different colors) Duct Tape!
But once in a while I put together something that I'm actually proud of displaying and pat myself in the back, not because it looks O.K,  but because There Was No Tape Involved!!!!
Here are some of my tapeless creations:

Pool Noodle Wreaths...When I found how easy it was to make a wreath out of this dollar store toys, I asked myself where have they been all my life! So easy to use and so many things you can make with them!..I made one for pretty much every season when they came out starting on summer.

Halloween is the time of the year where I get to express my creativity! I mean if it doesn't turns out the way you pictured it in your head at least it will blend in because it's the season to be spooky, right?

Keeping the Flame of Creativity Glowing!

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