4-40 Strawberry Slush

Granizada de Fresa 4-40

Hola Amigos, happy National Strawberry Day! I love strawberries..even when I was back in my hometown, we have a province, Chiriqui with enough altitude and mild climate for strawberries to grow and thrive! They grow juicy, sweet and big...must be all that volcanic ashes enriched soil...but that is another story!

I was planning on posting a cute little DIY kid friendly project we've been working on, but as always my friend "the snow" and his buddies "the clouds" got in the way of my picture taken time and there was no way I would've been able to show you my little one's hard work. What brings me back to National Strawberry Day and my post today!

I called it 4-40 Strawberry Slush or Granizada, my homage to the standard tuning pitch (yes, I'm a musical geek lol) but also because by mixing 4 ingredients for a total of 40 ounces you get perfect harmony of taste and color!
4-40 Strawberry Slush

 8 oz Vanilla Yogurt Frozen 
8 oz Coconut Milk Frozen
8 oz Strawberries Frozen
16 oz Apricot Nectar

Remember, the key to the Ultimate Slush is if at least 75% of all your ingredients are frozen at the time you put them in the blender. You can always thin a slush but you can't thicken it without adding ice and then changing the flavor.

Did You count? 4 ingredients 40 ounces total! Put everything on  blender, and blend everything in high until there are no little chunks of strawberries visible. Serve and Enjoy!


 Well that was fast and easy right?...and oh so tasty!

A strawberry drink tastes good and looks good no matter the weather.
I choice of textures when it comes to slushies varies depending on how much time I have...in hurry, give me something cold and sweet to take on the go. Plenty of time, give me a spoon so I can scoop the sweet goodness out and enjoy every bite!

Thank You for joining me this afternoon my friends to celebrate National Strawberry Day! Hope you get to enjoy my 4-40 Strawberry Icee today and on the summer days to come!


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I've Been Nominated

Hola Amigos! Wonderful news this week! I've had the honor of being nominated to the Liebster Award by 3 wonderful ladies and blogs this week. Please pinch me! First I got the good news from Melinda at The Refeathered Roost, then I also got the wonderful news from Julie at I Create Purty Thangs and just last night got the news from another talented lady, Shauna at The Best Blog Recipies! How awesome is that. Not only is an honor to be nominated but also a fantastic feeling of accomplishment of a job well done that is recognized  by your peers as well...I guess I'm officially a blogger now!

If you don't know what a Liebster Award is, it's an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers...it has changed throughout the years...going from 3,000 to 200.

You have to answer 11 questions, post 11 questions to your nominees, post 11 unknown random facts about you  and nominated another 11 blogs On The Rise! Lot's of fun. I wish I could accept all 3, but I really can't come up with random things about me before I start loosing readers...or making the ones that have faithfully stuck with me, fall asleep on their keyboards.

So here it goes...first my Acceptance Speech:
I would like to thank the International Academy of Bloggers for bestowing upon me this honor. I would wear my crown (O.k...in my mind I'm wearing  a crown, a Miss Liebster sash and holding a bouquet of Roses) with respect and attend to the best of my abilities all duties and responsibilities that come with my award. Mom and Dad, thank you for raising a chatter box! To my hubs, thank you for letting me stay at home and fulfill my dreams of playing with glitter, glue and chocolate. And to my kids thank you for providing the material and inspiration for my posts and for saying..."It looks good mom" no matter what!

Now on to my first set of 11 questions and answers posted by Melinda:

1. What's the favorite room in your house?
My favorite room in my house is my 4yo room, I spent a good part of my pregnancy putting it together with an underwater and beach theme. Not that I am a Picasso, but I believe it's imperfection makes it even better because he knows mommy painted it for him. I was done with it just a few hours before going into labor. Talk about great timing!
2.If you could live in any home that is in a televison program, movie or book, which house would you choose?
I would choose to live in Disney's Haunted Mansion! The place rocks..the architecture, the stairwells, the paintings, the ghosts!!! what's not to love!
3.What is the item you dream of bringing home but is too dad-gum expensive?
Well, I hate to say it without sounding materialistic, but diamonds are girls best friends so anything Pink, in the Mohs scale of 10 (diamonds) from Tiffany's would fit the dream!
4.Are you a morning person or night owl?
I'm a night owl for sure!
5.What is your favorite holiday?
Without a doubt Halloween takes the crown as my favorite holiday EVER!!!
6.Do you think I look fat in this? and if you do, why in the world you wouldn't lie to me? Just kidding? One piece or two piece bathing suit?
Well because I'm afraid of asking anyone the first part of the question...the answer to the second part is neither, Now...no, no...I'm don't belong to any nudist club Mi chapter..I just haven't put on  a bathing suit for the last 18 years. Honest truth!
7.What is the next project you are considering for your home?
We moved in into this house 6 years ago and since then every room of the house has been painted in my idea of pretty colors...other people would think my house looks like a rainbow exploded..but my bedroom, still in builder's paint off white...so I think it's time..I just can't decide the color.
8.Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
I think I'm stuck right in the middle..
9.What feeling do you hope your home evokes when visitors enter?
Hopefully not feelings of running out the door right away! lol, comfort, a little element of something unexpected and humorous, but most of all...clean! I don't care if the house is bare...as long as it's clean it's good enough for me!
10. Where is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
Keeping it real...I have to say I haven't visited that place yet. Looking forward to travel there and see the wonders of ancient cultures in places like Machu Pichu, Peru among others...but for now...the opportunities to find that place are still open.
11.What is the greatest Joy you find in blogging?
My readers...getting to know people from all over the world, gathering together in one post is amazing! I'm really looking forward the day I get to meet any of my readers or fellow bloggers...that would be a blast!

Now on to my questions:

1.What is the #1 thing you love most about blogging?
2.What is your all time favorite movie?
3.Are you a Coffee or Tea person?
4.Looking back, which was the best year of your life so far?
5.Beach house or Mountain Cabin?
6. Have you ever visited any other country outside the one you live in? Which one you loved the most?
7.Do you know when to stop talking when you argue or do you go on and on and on like the energizer bunny? 
8.Favorite music era and genre?
9.If you have to pick a super power..what would it be?
10.When was the last time you ate Fast Food and what was it?
11.First or last person to get a joke?

11 Random Facts about me: (oh boy here we go):

I'm stuck in the 80's...my entire iPod library tells the story!
I have to have chocolate everyday...1 m&m or a cup of hot chocolate, but is part of my diet!
I love purple roses and not so much red!
When having Chinese take out...I always order Pork Friend Rice!
I don't know how to swim..I know I grew up surrounded by 2 oceans and countless rivers...shame on me!
I don't own a pair of jeans!
I got Chicken Pox when I was 35 and almost killed me..I mean...for real...I developed severe complications from some preventable childhood disease and it almost sent me to my grave!
I've never seen or read The Wizard of Oz!
My secret wish...learn to ride and own my own bike...my hubs has his own and he has been riding since he was 16!
I have a roach phobia! Can't understand the reason why they were even created!
After the Chicken Pox incident...I'm not afraid of dying but I hate the feeling of hurting the people around me if I pass away, if that makes any sense to you...I saw how sad they all were when I was sick.

And the Nominees Are ( I've always wanted to say this):

I hope all my nominees have as much fun as I did with the questionnaire, the random facts, their own questions, but above all passing along the torch of friendship and camaraderie among the blogging community, big or small we are all part of this beautiful place we call Blog Land!
Congratulations and Have Fun,

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Lunes de Chocolate-Chocolate Mondays

Hola Amigos! Ready for a brand new week? I am because it's one more week bringing me closer to the nice days of Spring and Summer I miss so much!
Today I'm bringing a classic I'm sure we all have made it before one way or another. This is my version of Banana Bread...of course with the twist of White Chocolate and Cashews. Ready...here are the ingredients

White Chocolate and Cashew Banana Bread

4 over ripped bananas, mashed
6 oz White Chocolate Shredded
2 oz Honey Roasted Cashews
1 Stick unsalted butter
1 TSP Vanilla
2 TBSP Vanilla Yogurt
2 large eggs
1 2/3 Cups Flour
1 1/4 Cups Brown Sugar
1 TSP Salt
1 TSP Baking Soda

Preheat your oven at 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 5x9 loaf pan. Set aside/
In a bowl mix by hand the flour, salt and baking soda. Set aside.
In a different bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed, mix butter and sugar until creamy. Add the eggs one by one until well integrated. Keep a spatula handy to scrape the sides of your bowl.

Add bananas, yogurt and vanilla. Little by little incorporate your flour mix. Once these ingredients are well mixed. Add your shredded chocolate and cashews.

 Pour the batter into your loaf pan and bake for 50-60 minutes ( I baked mine for 1 hour 15 minutes) until you stick a knife in the middle and it comes out clean.
Cool in the pan for 10 minutes and then remove from the pan and cool in a rack.


Perfectly crispy on the outside, while soft and gooey on the inside.

I love mine with just butter, but I was feeling creative and with a sweet tooth so I melted some butterscotch with cream and drizzled it on top of a few slices!

It's so good in the morning with your cup of coffee...but also at anytime you feel like a simple touch of sweetness with an extra crunch!

There you go folks, I hope you like my version of your classic Banana Bread and have a chance to enjoy it with your family someday.  Wishing you all a Healthy and Productive week. 


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Rapidito en Viernes=Quicky Friday

Coconut Rainbow Panna Cotta

Hola Amigos! Happy Friday! Another week went by and now we are all ready to relax in a hopefully snow and storm free weekend.
Usually my little one goes to pre-school today, but mom has been battling the Flu for a week now and this morning when we woke up ready to go, snow was falling non stop...10 minutes after cleaning the snow off my car, it was already covered up again...so I gave up and called my own snow day. I felt kind of guilty because the little guy loves his 2 hours every other day and he had to miss it today, so we decided to make our own study hour today and we learned about the Rainbow!

We watched an old episode of Sesame Street where Elmo learns about the colors of the Rainbow with Rosita using the old Roy G. Biv (Red, orange, yellow, green Blue , Indigo and Violet) with monsters...it was a blast and then we put it into practice by making some tasty rainbow for ourselves.
Here is our recipe for Coconut "Roy G. Biv" Panna Cotta.

Coconut Roy G. Biv  Panna Cotta

1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Coconut Milk
1 Cup Condensed Milk
1/2 TSPS Vanilla Extract
1 TBSP sugar
1 Envelope Unflavored Gelatin
Food Coloring

On a Saucepan pour 1 cup milk and unflavored gelatin and let it sit there for a couple of minutes for the gelatin to get absorbed. After it's absorbed, heat on on medium heat stirring constantly until it's dissolved. Add coconut milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract, sugar and stir until all is well blended.
Separate the milk mix in seven equal parts on 7 different bowls. Add a couple drops of food coloring to each bowl until you get the desired color.

 Pour each color on your container. I chose little fruit jars that I can't let go because they are kind of cute about 10oz each. Start with your red, wait about 10 minutes to pour the next color. Keep doing this until all your layers are done.


Such a delicate flavor and so colorful.
You can top it off with what else, a "cloud" of whip cream and some rainbow sprinkles

I think this is a sweet lesson my little bud is not going to forget any time soon.
A perfect ending to a no so perfect day, I'll say!

Wishing you a bright and colorful weekend my friends, and remember, everything tastes better with a
Pinch of Love!



Spanish Moss Spring Wreath

Pensando en Primavera=Wishing Spring was Here Today!

Hola Amigos! Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow but I'm ready for Spring now! So here is my first Spring Wreath of the Season. I'm sure that by the time Spring is officially here, it will be tweaked once or twice. You know how it it...add this, take that...change the bow.

I felt the urge of doing something "Springy" today, maybe the first symptoms of Cabin Fever, ...I didn't have to go out and get a single thing. Everything was shopped for and put together in my basement, which was a good thing because this is probably the messiest wreath in history! The Spanish Moss ends up everywhere like fuzzy dust!
A vine wreath, an old twig nest,  regular green moss, Spanish moss and speckled Easter eggs came together to make this natural looking cutie.

I will change the ribbon for sure and perhaps add a bird too. But for now I think it will do!

Outside it goes, because it's too messy for indoors...besides perhaps a real bird will fall in love with it and call it home.

Thanks for visiting today friends, even though this is going to be a snowy weekend...I'm looking forward to the next few weeks because Spring will be knocking at our front door "for real" soon!


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Kiss Me DIY Gumball Machine

Besame, Besame Mucho= I'm not Irish but Kiss Me Anyway

Hola Amigos! Happy Wednesday to all. Today I worked on a very quick project, Pinterest inspired and perfect for the coming St/ Patrick's Day Celebration!. It literally takes longer to watch the paint dry than to assemble it and have it ready for candy to be displayed in style and whimsy!

For this DIY Gumball machine, you would need: 1 4 inch terracotta pot, 2 4 inch terracotta saucers, 1 2 inch terracotta saucer, adhesive good enough for terracotta and glass, 1 glass bowl (mine from the dollar store), ribbon, your favorite green paint, decorative hat (or wooden knob) acrylic letters and favorite candy.

The day before paint your saucers and pot and let dry overnight.
Once it's dry...start assembling, first the pot, opening upside down, top it with one of the saucers by adding glue to the bottom of your terracotta pot and placing one of the saucers right side up as to hold the glass bowl.

 Put some adhesive on the bottom of the glass bowl and glue it to the saucer previously attached to the pot. You are half way there! Glue the wooden knob on the upside down bottom of your second saucer...in my case I used a Leprechaun's hat!...

Decorate with ribbon, and your favorite Irish Phrase, fill it up with candy  and you are done!...1-2-3- super easy

The extra little saucer I glued in the inside of the "lid saucer" to avoid the moving all over the place of the lid as shown here

Just a few steps, a cheap project, all together for about 7 dollars...I believe the candy was more than the pot, saucer and bowl all together...but that's usually the case with candy.

I'm really liking it...the color possibilities are endless for every holiday imaginable!

What I like the most is the Kisses...yes..just because you are not Irish, doesn't mean you don't like to be kissed, right?

Hope you liked my little project here..sweet, festive, cheap and easy..just the way I like it for my middle of the week craft!

Irish Kisses....I mean Besitos,