Desfile de Arbolitos=X'mas Tree Parade

The part that I love the most about Christmas is decorating the Christmas Tree. I think I might have a slight addiction to Christmas Tree Ornaments as a matter of fact. It's probably because they are so shinny, they come in all shapes and sizes and they are a party to look at even if you have just one ornament hanging from a branch. Like the Snoopy Christmas Tree.

Our first Christmas tree was a wedding present from my BIL and his wife. Since then it has been the main tree in the house, It's super full and to make it look the way I want to, it takes alone around 300 hundred ornaments...Yes no lie...every year I count the ornaments as they go in their bins..color coordinated (yes, all pinks together in their own bin, all red, all blue...well...you get where I'm going) and they are around that number and getting higher as the years go by.

This year following the Candy theme through out the house, the living room/family tree got decorated with candy colored ornaments in Cotton Candy Blue, Starburst Lime Green, Red Hots Red, Bubble Gum Pink and topped with Candy Canes and matching ribbons! I think it looks good enough to eat!

A few years ago, while looking at some old albums I found a picture of me next to my childhood tree! One of those Silver Metallic looking trees. It brought back so many sweet memories that I wanted to bring that old fashioned feeling to our home. Little did I know that to purchase one of those trees would cost a small fortune and at the same time be a fire hazard. So I found this one at Kohl's department store and since then I've been decorating it very simply, like back in the day..only with big ornaments..well as big as I can find them in the same traditional colors. (mine was decorated by my mom in orange ornaments with the big reflector) wish she'd kept that old thing!

I Totally Loved this Tricycle!

There are little trees around the house. This particular one is very dear to my hubs. It was one of the trees that his grandmother used to keep at her house. He was always fascinated by it and when grandma passed on 2001 the only thing he asked his mother if he could keep from her grandma, was "Grandma's Christmas Tree" It is just the way his grandma had it for years. Same ornaments, same star and same bows. My MIL gave me some extra ornaments that belonged to her mom, my hubs grandma, and I keep stored in case one of the oldies breaks beyond repair.

 This one here is my FIL's Elf, my
MIL got it for him when they got
married and that was 55 years ago.

Kiddo #1 typical teenager doesn't want to much fuss in his room so he keeps his Snoopy Christmas room all year long in his room...we just dust it and put a couple more little guys around him!...a Unique tree for a One of a Kind Kid! and,,,well as you can imagine ..."It's O.K Mom, you took 1 picture already! So, we only have 1 of the Charlie Brown Tree!

Kiddo #2 want it all! He wanted a Circus theme this year so he got it. It was the first tree that went up the day after thanksgiving and I have the feeling is the last one coming down too...if he has his way, just like his brother, he would keep it there all year long too!

Much to my husbands unhappy looks, Mamma managed to squeeze one tree in the bedroom. Yes, I had to have a tree with my favorite things...Chocolate, Cupcakes Coffee, Candy, Ice Cream Cones, Pink everywhere and my beautiful peppermint doll. Love her!!! She reminds me of a sweet version of Mary Antoinette. Even the tree skirt is meaningful to me. It has written all over Chocolate, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso...and it's pink! It has a very soothing glow at night and I love to look at it before I go to sleep and dream of sugar plums!

So there you go amigos, hope you enjoy my parade of trees for 2012. Have a Bright Season!



  1. Thanks for sharing your trees. Happy Holidays!

    1. Happy Christmas to you too Sarah! Thank You for visiting!

  2. found you over at the Tablescaper...your trees are lovely - we had the same aluminum tree growing up - but ours had blue ornaments and the colour wheel that spun underneath - I too wish my parents still had that tree!

    1. my thoughts exactly Cheryl, wish mine still had it! Thank You so much for your visit to my blog! Happy Christmas and Blessings to yours!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful collection of trees! Christmas is too short to settle for just one tree!

    1. Thank You Sharon! Yes..so many trees and lights and so little time!!! Happy Holidays to you!