DIY Tool Box Advent Calendar with Holiday Bags

I thought I got everything figured out this year when it came to the count down to the big day! I made a calendar marked with days left for Christmas! It was colorful, with the days clearly marked on little drums and with the bonus of a little treat inside each "day cup"! I told myself...I Got This!!! (in my best George Lopez voice). You can take a peek at my outdoor calendar here.

To my surprise, even though the treats were a big hit everyday after preschool I was still being asked, Mom is today Christmas? hmmmm.....It totally escaped my mind somehow that Pre-schoolers have a different concept of time than we do. They live in Today world! They don't understand..in a couple of weeks, in 20 days or next week..if they don't see it, touch it, feel it...it pretty much doesn't exist, or at least not the same way it exists for Us.

So I came up with the same concept but a different approach...I reused an old tool box and filled it up with little bags, with treats as well...but this time, we take a bag, put it away and we count how many days are left. When all the bags are gone...It's Christmas Eve!!! Success!!! It worked! and....it looks quite cute too I think! Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

I got one excited 4yo!! !He is thrilled to see the bags (days) go down and looking forward to a big surprise on Christmas Day! Note: There is one more bag, the one for the 25th day, but that actually has a present from Santa, so we are not putting it out yet!...yes he is too curious!


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