Widower Maker Halloween Green Smoothie Recipe

Widower Maker Halloween Green Smoothie, a refreshing and energizer drink with a beautiful green color for halloween!
Hola Amigos! Boy do I have a story to tell you! and it all has to do with this particular smoothie! It started on Sept.27 the day of my Wedding Anniversary. The hubs and I had planned a rare and I mean RARE date night. We were going to have a romantic evening at a Haunted Forrest near by and then grab a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant. Since I love the food there, I wanted to have the works, from appetizers to dessert, so there was no point on having a big lunch if I was going to indulge later.

I decided to make a green smoothie. I checked in my fridge for the usual green suspects, apple, grapes, melon, a starfruit and one that I bought to make something different but...hmmm...why not use it for the smoothie... a Kiwi!
Everything was going smooth as usual, at the end I decided to trade the apple for the starfruit, since they are similar in consistency and taste! Love them! Have you had them?

Time for the flavor taste and photos and that's when everything started to go down!
Flavor excellent, consistency great, appearance awesome...but why was I  feeling like It was hard to catch my breath? Ignore it, it's nothing, take pictures before light goes away. Throat itches, it's  nothing, snap more pics. Lips tingling....darn it! I can't seem to be able  focus and take a decent picture and I'm having a hard time breathing for real now!

Called hubs and he thought it could be an allergic reaction...but to what? "Use the pen in the cabinet and call me if you still feeling sick or call an ambulance" he said.
To make a long story short...it took me about 5 hours to have all the symptoms go away. It was an allergic reaction. and I just had not not even a 1/4 cup of the smoothie since I needed more for pics. But why? and to what? I've never had food allergies, I'm only highly allergic to Latex.
Widower Maker Halloween Green Smoothie Recioe, Energizing and Exotic! This is an awesome smoothie for Halloween! Green is the color of the season...a healthy season!

I decided to go online a do a little research and there I found it...Latex Fruit Syndrome!!! OMG!!! According to the American Latex Allergy Association " The association between latex sensitivity and food allergies is often referred as Latex Fruit Syndrome" .Some plants contain natural rubber latex to protect them from fungi and other micro organisms. The site gives a list ranking on these fruits and vegetables from High to Low/Undetermined. And guess what was among High : Kiwi!!!!

To torture myself even more I checked the symptoms of Latex Anaphylaxis that I already knew due to my condition., and they were all there: Itchy throat, tightness of throat, difficulty breathing, swelling and dizziness among others.
Yup my friends...and that was only with  3 sips...so don't you think the perfect name to this smoothie is Widower Maker? LOL...I was close...never thought for a minute something healthy could have the potential to kill me.

Other than that...it is good! Just don't add kiwi if you are allergic to Latex like me. My Latex allergy is as bad as people with peanuts allergy. The few times that I've been hospitalized there is a big sign at my door reading "Latex Allergy" just to give you an idea how close this smoothie was to really be a Dead End for me and making my Hubs a widower on the day of our Anniversary!
Widower Maker Halloween Green Smoothie Recipe, tantalizing color and refreshing and energizing taste!

Thanks for listening to my 'interesting" story and sorry it was such a long post but I thought if there was a person with Latex allergies among my readers they should be aware of the fruit fact too!....It can't get any spookier than that for a Halloween Drink huh?? Hugs and remember that everything tastes better with a Pinch of Love!


Widower Maker Green Smoothie
1 Cup of White Grape Juice
1 Starfruit
1 Cup Honeydew Melon
1 Kiwi
Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth! Decorate with slices of starfruit and enjoy.

Prep Time 5 minutes                                                                 Serves 2 (6 oz glasses)                     

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  1. Searching the recipe for green smoothie finally found at this blog.thanks for sharing.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Mmmm! A perfectly spooktacular drink for Halloween :)

  3. Hi and wow I'm so glad that you are Ok!

  4. OMGoodness! You had me on the edge of my seat! Whew! So glad you are okay - and that now you know what that little devil of a fruit can do to you - and your "widower!"
    However, now that -whew! - all is well, I gotta say that your drink looks super-refreshing and very charming with the little stars immersed. You've got another winner here, Liz! I have said this before, but I've visited many linky parties and over the past few weeks since you've "unleashed" your Halloween extravaganza, I can pick your designs out of hundreds because they are the most clever and well presented - and the only ones I want to click on! If you ever have a "Pick My Links" competition I soooo want to be a contestant and grab all the prizes for myself! I love that dip recipe with the rat and the one with the skeleton emerging from "Death by Candy Corn!" Pleeease keep 'em coming!

  5. OMG - You poor thing! I hope you've posted the latex laced fruits and vegetables list somewhere so you don't make the mistake again. Life just wouldn't be the same without you in it. Hugs. This smoothie recipe is my pin of the day

    1. Robin My mom said the same thing!!!. I even had my hubs get rid of the other one I had bought,,that was a close call :) I did! The list is under a BIG NO! behind the pantry door! :) Thank You so much Robin! Super Hug, Lizy

  6. OH MY GOSH! That's awful. I'm glad you only took three sips.
    I can't imagine a latex allergy in the hospital w/everyone having those kinds of gloves on. The sign on the door is a stellar idea because workers get busy and they forget!

    Super glad you're ok. Stay away from Kiwi. In fact, if I ever make this, I'm not even putting it in the recipe, in your honor. My non-kiwi Lizy Smootie! :)

    The Star Fruits are pretty. :)

  7. Oh my gosh that is crazy! I had no idea! My husband is allergic to Latex as well so I can't wait to ask him if he knew about this. I guess I will be the only one trying this recipe lol. Thanks for sharing at Share Your Stuff Tuesdays!

    1. Emily, there is a website for people like us that contains a list of fruits with natural latex in them, believe it or not avocados are on the list too. I don't like avocados so never tried one (yes one of those things, How you don't like it if you don't try it) but never even tried. Well I guess there was a good reason why! You can make the recipe...just stay away from the kiwi for your hubs sake and replace it with green apples...I should have done that! LOL

  8. So I'm curious...have you never had a kiwi before? That's so CRAZY!!! I am glad you're alright though. How scary.
    I've never had a starfruit but it looks absolutely gorgeous. I want to get some just to decorate a bit. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday

    1. Hi Adelina, unlike Star Fruit, Kiwi is a fruit I didn't grow up with and never had before! I sure heard a lot of recipes with it, but never tried it until that day! Now I have a list of foods that naturally contain latex and I'm sure staying away the heck out of them, LOL...thanks for visiting! I love your party!

  9. Lizzy! Where to start? First of all I am happy you had an epi-pen and that you are all right! Second, my anniversary is the 27th too! We just celebrated 22 years with a trip to the Toledo Zoo and lunch at the Real Seafood Company on the River in downtown Toledo. Then we hit an awesome estate sale on the way home in Monroe. Did you get to go out or were you still not well enough? And third, (at and least important) Star fruit is 3/$1 at Meijer this week!!! lol

  10. So glad you are okay! Who would ever have guessed there would be foods of any kind with natural latex?? This is great information to have for anyone with latex allergy-- sorry you had to find out the hard way!

  11. First the smoothie sound wonderful! Second - that is my anniversary too! Third - wholly cow - I am so glad you are OK!

  12. wow, how scary for you. and the name for this drink slays me. thanks for linking up to the all things pretty link up!

  13. I'm impressed you were able to take the photos! I knew it was the kiwi when you started describing your symptoms. How scary but a great story :) Thanks for sharing with Real Food Fridays.

    1. Lydia after a while I couldn't focus anymore...I had no idea what was it...I knew I was having a reaction but not a clue about what have caused it, I know better now, lol Do you have a latex allergy as well. My Dr, never told me about Latex in fruits...close call girl,,Thanks for stopping by, hope my story helps people with a similar allergy out there :)

  14. I love this and it looks so yummy, too! Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. Just featured at Pick of the Bunch!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! You are always so generous when it comes to my recipes!

  15. YIKES! I am so glad you are OK! 'Hopping over from your Lakeshore Drive Feature to congratulate you on making a green smoothie look so glamorous! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  16. Fantastic colour, LIzbeth. Thanks for bringing it on over to the Kiwifruit party. Cheers

  17. I was cooking for an event this summer and one of the guests had a latex allergy. She did warn us about the kiwi and we were able to avoid using it in most dishes and posted warning signs of the dishes she should not eat.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction! My partner gets it too from kiwis and I have to be careful how often I use them in recipes - he can tolerate a little every now and then. Glad you're ok and thank you for sharing this recipe at Smoothie OTW.
    I hope you'll link up again in the future :D