Happy Halloween and 1-2-3 Vamonos!

Hola Amigos! Happy Halloween to all! I hope this day is full of sweet candy, happy faces and smiles!
It has been a year since I started my journey into blogging and it has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences in my life!
I've met a lot of great people from all over the world. each one of them with their own stories told through their blog's posts in the case of my bloggy friends and through the emails and comments I received from my readers.

I can say with all confidence today I have a great group of friends thanks to this blog.

I have challenged myself trying to come up with new and creative ideas for you, sometimes I was successful and sometimes it was a total disaster, but that is life, we just pick up and we keep on going, right?

Today I want to thank all those who read my posts, those who took their time to leave a comment, those who tried my recipes and those of you who have become my friends!

I've  also realized that after writing for a year I need a little bit of a break to regroup my thoughts, get my energy back and come up with new recipes and easy crafts worthy of all of you! I'm really not ready to tackle Christmas yet, lol!

But enough of me! This blog is and has been about you! So Happy Halloween, enjoy and again THANK YOU!!!



  1. Happy Halloween, Lizy! I hope your youngest son came up with a brilliant costume that he loved. :) His selections were intriguing, I am wondering what he ended up with. :)

    We had a fun, rainy day!!

    Your decorations look great.
    A break this time of year is so understandable.
    And mostly, congrats on one year!!! Woohooo!!

    1. Thank You Rosey, at the end little man decided to go as a Cowboy, lol...a wet one with all the rain we got, but he was happy and mama was too!

  2. Happy Anniversary my dear friend! Please, please, please stay in touch during your hiatus. You are going to be greatly missed during your break.

    1. Thank You so much Robin! for your support and above all your friendship :) in The Terminator's best words..."I'll Be Back" lol

  3. I love your Halloween decorating Lizy! I laid in a supply of candy in the hope I;d get some trick or treaters but I didnt get a single visitor.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  4. You look great! and I love your decorations!
    You are going to be missed during your break, but I certainly understand needing some time away!

  5. G'day! Happy Post Halloween, true!
    Your post made me smile from ear to ear today like a Cheshire Halloween cat too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  6. I just missed you around and came to wave hello. :)

  7. Love this post!! Can i ask how you did the garland on your railing??

    Thanks for your visit!