Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies Recipe

Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies Recipe, Eyes, feet, hands, fingers and radioactive green zombie flesh are the main ingredients of this Halloween batch of Muddy Buddies! It's about time we are the ones taking a bite out of the zombies! #HalloweenRecipe  #MuddyBuddies  #Zombies #Halloweencreepyfood

Hola Amigos! Let me start this post by saying I Hate Zombies! I know they are not real, I know they are popular. but still, hate them with passion, why? because when I was young, many moons ago, the first movie I went to see without my mom or dad (I insisted I was a big girl and I could handle it) was a Zombie Movie!

I was scared out of my seat literally, asked for the phone at the theater reception desk and call my dad for him to pick me up! I didn't want to stay with the rest of the brave kids I went with...I just wanted to go home. And from that point on...I've never Ever seeing a zombie film! Ever...

When the hubs is watching The Walking Dead, I just walk by with hands in my ears, grab what I need and leave the room!
They are the only darn things...other than roaches that would keep me awake all night and make me feel like I was 12 years all all over again!

Needless to say, this particular snack will be the first and last Zombie related of my career as a blogger or heck..Homemaker! I just bought this bag of candy to give out to kids for Halloween and figured..well...why not! Also I wanted to use this delicious Chocolate Strawberry Spread I found at World Market a few days ago.
Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies Recipe Zombies are creeping in your kitchen and your party this season and you get to eat their flesh in this radioactive looking Muddy Buddy recipe. Who says you can't chase zombies and eat them too? #MuddyBuddiesRecipe #Zombies #HalloweenZombieFood #HalloweenRecipes

I've asked my followers on FB yesterday about the color of zombie skin! The majority said it was Ash in color..and believe me I tried to please them with that color but boy! it was tough!
The next best thing was to give my zombie flesh a little bit of radioactive signs of decomposition and that's why it ended up being greenish-black! What do you think.
Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies Recipe, The zombie invasion has begun and it's in your party this halloween with this delicious crowd pleasing all time treat! Muddy buddies resembling radioactive zombie flesh! #Halloweenfood #zombie #Halloweentreats #MuddyBuddiesRecipe

Honestly I won't stand close enough to a zombie to see what color his/her/it skin is...it might as well be pink for all I care..I would be running like a maniac away as fast as I can!

There you go my friends, that's my zombie story of the season! These are very tasty despite the appearance. I hope you get to enjoy them with No Living Dead Around!, lol Have a beautiful day and remember everything tastes better with a Pinch of Love! (well...I'm not quite sure about real zombie skin, but at least this one is)


Zombie Skin Halloween Muddy Buddies Recipe
3 Cups Special K Vanilla Almond Ceral (looks like skin flakes to me)
3/4 Chocolate Strawberry Spread (Nutella would do just fine)
2 TBSP Honey Margarine (butter is ok too) 
2 TBSP Strawberry Jelly (optional )
1/4 Cup Salted Peanuts
1 1/2 Cups Powder Sugar
1 Bag Gummy Zombie Body Parts
1 Large Zip Lock Bag
Black, Green and Red food colorant (optional)
In a big mixing bowl, place your cereal. Set aside.
In a microwave proof container melt your spread of choice, margarine and jelly, in intervals of 30-45 seconds. Once this mix is melted, add a drop or two of your black food coloring. Mix well. Pour this mix on your cereal bowl. Mix gently not to break the flakes. 
Filled up your zip lock bag with the powdered sugar. Add the coated cereal flakes and shake. I added mine in two batches to get a better coverage. 
On a separate small bowl, add your salted peanuts and pour a couple drops of green food colorant on them.
Coat them well and add this mix to your sugar coated cereal flakes and shake again. The colorant will come off of the peanuts but it will spot the sugar coated flakes to give it the zombie radiated skin effect. 
At the end you will be able to see a mix of black and green...to serve and make it even creepier...you could add some drops of red food colorant to suggest blood...yucks!
Before serving, add the gummy zombie body parts. Serve, Devour and Enjoy!

Prep Time 5 minutes                                                                                       Serves 3 Cups

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It's Fall Y'all 2013


  1. OH MY WORD, that is awesome. My middle son loves all this zombie jazz. I do not, but this is cool and he'd love it. Great job as always.

    1. Yeah Dawn...this one is dedicated to all zombie lovers out there, LOL Thank you so much love!

  2. Hi there! New follower! This looks so fun for my kiddos! I am totally trying it! Thanx!



    1. Thank You Kate and thanks for following too! heading over your blog as well.

  3. Looks like Zombie skin to me! Love it!! Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  4. I do not like zombies either. And girl I'm not even telling you what the man and the child got for the spectacular annual haunted house, ugh. I like cute Halloween stuff, dang it, but I'm outnumbered in this house.

  5. What a creep, tasty snack for Halloween. Looks like great party food!

    1. Thank You Tammy, little brave boys get into this kind of snack and have fun, lol

  6. You always have the cutest ideas. My little boy would love this! cass-eats.blogspot.com

  7. LOL Seems like none of us "ladies" like the gruesome zombie stuff, but here we all are - clicking on it! I agree - zombie skin is green, no question about it! And while I would never bite into one of those spare toes, I am told that when boys turn about 8 years old, they can't get enough of stuff like this! Will save the idea for my 5 year old grandsons!
    And I remember the first movie that scared me. My sisters and I went with mother. It was the scene in Snow White where the wicked witch swoops up her arms and the black cape fills the screen. Holy cow! I covered my face and sank as deeply into the seat as I could. Will NEVER forget that moment!

  8. Oh my gosh where did you find the gummy body parts?! Hilarious! I don't get the zombie thing but my husband sure is into it! He and my kids would think this was the greatest treat ever! Gotta look for those body parts!

  9. So are you going to have all these cool treats that you have been making this month out for Halloween? do you throw a big Halloween party. cuz I want to come? Thanks so much for sharing your treats with us on foodie friday.

  10. Hi Cassidy, for some reason boys are fascinated with zombies, lol I'm glad you enjoy my creations and very thankful to have you as my reader. Have a great day!

  11. Hahah...gummie zombie body parts. Who thinks of those things?! Love this idea though...perfect for Halloween.
    Thanks for sharing at the Pinworthy Projects Party.

  12. Hi Lizbeth - I'm making this for our Halloween party! Love it! Thanks for linking up. Hugs, Holly

  13. This is great!!! Thanks for sharing!